Press Release


Sussex County, New Jersey – The Hardyston and Sparta Police Departments are proud to be recognized for their work in area schools and were each selected to receive brand-new police bicycles equipped with 29” electric GeoOrbital wheels.

The generous donation was made on behalf of benefactor Preferred Freezer Inc. and CEO John J. Galiher in conjunction with Law Enforcement Against Drugs (L.E.A.D.) and GeoOrbital Inc. L.E.A.D. is a nationwide non-profit (501c3) organization, supported by dedicated police officers, committed to protecting our youth and communities from the proliferation of drugs, drug-related crimes, peer-to-peer/cyber bullying and violence. L.E.A.D collaborates with hundreds of educators, community leaders, families and L.E.A.D. support organizations. Together LEAD and GeoOrbital formed a partnership to ensure our school children remain safe in the school and on the street and with the priority of officer safety in mind. GeoOrbital recently deployed 10 wheels across the State of New Jersey to 10 law enforcement agencies. GeoOrbital is a Massachusetts based manufacturer that has developed a patented electric wheel technology. Each GeoOrbital wheel, developed by engineers from SpaceX and Ford, contains a motor, Li-ion battery, and computer controller inside. The wheel was specifically built for Police, Fire, and EMS patrol bicycles. Adding power to patrol bikes improves officer safety by ensuring that officers arrive at a call fresh and not winded while providing a faster response time and expanding patrol zones. Additionally, patrols will be used for targeted area patrols, community events and community policing initiatives.

The attached photo was taken at Hardyston Day on September 21, 2019. Pictured from left to right are Sparta Corporal Joseph Antonello, Hardyston bike patrol officers Sgt. Alan Carbery and Ptlm. Eric Stickle (bike equipped with the GeoOrbitalWheel), Hardyston Chief Bret Alemy and Hardyston Ptlm. Brad Worman. Bike patrol officers from both towns recently completed a rigorous multi-day training and certification course.

Police departments across the country are looking for safer, more efficient, greener ways to patrol. Hardyston Police Chief Bret Alemy and Sparta Police Chief Neil Spidaletto believe GeoOrbital technology is a viable green fleet addition that will serve to make their officers more accessible and the communities they serve even closer.

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