L.E.A.D. Featured by Gloucester Township Mayor

This past Summer, Dave Mayer of Gloucester Township partnered up with the Police Department to highlight the importance of a safe community. Amongst Gloucester Township’s accomplishments, Mayer highlighted the work that the Police Department does with the L.E.A.D. Program in their schools.

Gloucester Township became one of the first police departments in New Jersey to implement L.E.A.D. in 2015. The department currently has two L.E.A.D. instructors and six L.E.A.D. trained officers. Together, they teach around 1,000 fifth grade students and 1,000 seventh grade students from both public and private schools.

To view the full video, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_mWrK9gdsY.

For more information on L.E.A.D, click here.