Spring Clothing Drive

Spring Clothing Drive with the Texima, April 9-20, 2018

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Dear L.E.A.D. Team and Community Leaders:

From April 9-20, L.E.A.D., throughout the state of New Jersey, will be asking you to clean your closets and bring your extra clothing to your local school. Unfortunately, more than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States. Clothing and textiles are nearly 100 percent recyclable. Despite that fact, nearly 85% of it end up in the landfills.

Recycling clothing and textiles decreases the use of natural resources, such as water used in growing crops and petroleum used in creating new clothing and textiles. It also decreases the need for chemicals used in manufacturing new textiles and the pollution caused by the manufacturing process. Let’s work with our partner, Texima, and keep New Jersey green.

During the weeks of April 9-20, Texima will be collecting clothing at your school with two-thirds of all proceeds directed back to your local community and one-third directed towards training and growing the L.E.A.D. program throughout the state of New Jersey.

In addition to cleaning your closets, helping the planet, and raising funds for your local L.E.A.D. program, LEO our mascot, will pay a personal visit to the school that collects the most clothing!

For more information please contact Miglena Minkova at 973-420-4634 or email at Miglena.minkova@teximateam.com