Yarmouth Police Perform Drug Outreach with Mattacheese Students

Yarmouth Police recently began performing outreach work related to substance use and violence with local students.

In late September, the Yarmouth Police Department started teaching Anti-Drug, Anti-violence curriculum of “Law Enforcement Against Drugs & Violence” or L.E.A.D to students at Mattacheese Middle school.   

The ten week L.E.A.D course has proven effective by providing services “on the street, and in the classroom” by allowing the children to interact with one another using skits and activities that will help the kids apply what they’re learning in the lessons to real-life scenarios connected to drug use and related crime, bullying, and violence.

Due to a grant YPD received for middle school education, school resource officer Sean Brewer was able to attend the National Association of Resource Officers conference in Denver, CO where he was able to become an instructor for the program.  

For more information on L.E.A.D., please visit www.leadrugs.org

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