Tested Proven Effective

The only k-12 proven-evidence based curricula taught in the united states by police officers.

The LEAD the Way Initiative was formed in order to raise awareness and much needed funds to address the drug and opioid crisis we face today.  Our children have the right to a life free of substance abuse, despair, and violence.  In the Tri-State area we have lost over 10,000 of our friends, family members, and neighbors to drug overdoses in 2016.  In New Jersey, the CDC reports, drug overdose deaths are up 42.3%.

Our Children deserve a proven effective education/ prevention curriculum that provides them with the critical information and skills they need to live healthy lives free of substance abuse and violence.

Our L.E.A.D. instructors provide the only tested and proven effective, evidence based, K-12 anti-drug/anti-violence curriculum delivered by law enforcement.  L.E.A.D. directly addresses opioids in its curriculum and we are currently in 340 communities here in New Jersey.  Our L.E.A.D. officers are the last line of defense in our schools.

If you are on this page, you may have already met one of our L.E.A.D. Program Awareness representatives in your community They are there to raise awareness and help us raise funds to address a drug and opioid epidemic that requires our collective immediate response.

Your support is appreciated and will assist L.E.A.D. and local communities like yours, in three ways

  • Your donation will assist and subsidize L.E.A.D. agencies with obtaining student workbooks.
  • Your donation will subsidize training cost for new L.E.A.D. trainings, update trainings, and training conferences.
  • Your donation will provide donated toys and other items directly to L.E.A.D. agencies and communities right here in New Jersey.

If you do not have L.E.A.D. in your community please call our office at (609) 259-2500.  We would be eager to contact your local police department to provide them further information.

LEAD partner Liam Raredon and two future LEADers at the Staples in Hamilton.  Thanks for the generous support!


L.E.A.D. Shout Out

A generous supporter who made a $200 donation to our L.E.A.D
Program Awareness Specialist, Janet, in front of GameStop in Freehold on May 8th, 2018.

Shout Out for Mayor David R. Mayer, Gloucester Township!

The Mayor made a generous donation to our L.E.A.D. Program Development Team on Saturday, October 6th. Thank you for your generous support of our L.E.A.D. efforts in Gloucester Township and thank you for making always making a positive difference in the lives of children.

Thank you Ray Pastore for your generous donation and your support or our L.E.A.D. efforts!

Locations for January, 2021

Fairfield CA   
Grocery OutletRancho Cordova9567001/18-01/23
WalmartAmerican Canyon9450301/18-01/23
WalmartNorth Highlands9566001/18-01/23
CVSFairfield94533MON,TUES,FRI, SAT
Lowes West Sacramento95691WED & THURS ONLY
CVS Fairfield9453301/18-23
WalgreensRancho Cordova9574201/18-01/23
WalgreensAmerican Canyon9450301/18-01/23
WalmartRohnert Park9492801/18-01/23
Jamba BeniciaBenicia945101/18-01/23
Harrisburgh PADonell~Ikarem Developement
CVSCarlisle, PA1701318-23
Dollar TreeCarlisle, PA1701318-23
KohlsCarlisle, PA1701318-23
PetSmartCarlisle, PA1701318-23
SubwayCarlisle, PA1701318-23
SubwayCarlisle, PA1701318-23
Firehouse SubsCarlisle, PA1701318-23
VA Beach VAPier to Pier  
OneLife Fitness         Red MillVA Beach23454T 1/19 only 9a-12p &or 4-7p
7 Elevenchesapeake23323W 1/20 only
Commisarynorfolk23511MTW 18-20 only just 3 days for now
Health Trail Natural FoodsNewport News23601M-S 18-23
Moe’sNewport News23602M-S 18-23
Rite AidNorfolk23517M-S 18-23
Royal FarmsNorfolk23502M-S 18-23
Total Wine NNNewport News23602M-S 18-23
Pet WorldHampton23666M-S 18-23
5 Guys Hampton23666M-S 18-23
Ace HardwareHampton23666M-S 18-23
Joanns hamptonhampton23666M-S 18-23
Richmond VAShaneika~MGM Foundation
Panera Bread Richmond2323018~23
Shoe Carnival Glen Allen2305918~23
Five BelowHenrico2323118~23
Southern StatesRichmond2329418~23
Dallas TxOlympus Eveents 
Marble SlabFrisco7503418~23
Vitamin ShoppeAllen7500218~23
Tropical SmoothieDallas7520618~23
Fort Worth TXJock~Surreal Advertising
The UPS Store Southlake7609218-24
Northern ToolWhite Settlement7610818-24
Ulta BeautyFort Worth7617718~24
Big LotsKeller7624818~24
Fed-exFort Worth7611618-24
7~11Fort Worth7612318-24
MOD Pizza Fort Worth7617918-24
Lane Bryant/UltaDenton7620518-24