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 Our children have the right to a life free of substance abuse, despair, and violence. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that drug overdose deaths have reached 107,521 during the entirety of 2021, up 68% from 63,938 deaths five years prior. Tens of thousands of others have overdosed or are addicted and are experiencing permanent disabilities and shattered lives. Drug abuse prevention has never been more needed.

Our Children deserve a proven, effective education/ prevention curriculum that provides them with the critical information and skills they need to live healthy lives free of substance abuse and violence.

Our L.E.A.D. instructors provide the most effective, tested, and proven effective, evidence-based, K-12 anti-drug/anti-violence curriculum delivered by law enforcement.  L.E.A.D. directly addresses opioids in its curriculum, and we are currently in 340 communities here in New Jersey.  Our L.E.A.D. officers are the last line of defense in our schools.

If you are on this page, you may have already met one of our L.E.A.D. Program Awareness representatives in your community They are there to raise awareness and help us raise funds to address a drug and opioid epidemic that requires our collective immediate response.

Your support is appreciated and will assist L.E.A.D. and local communities like yours in three ways.

  • Your donation will assist and subsidize L.E.A.D. agencies with obtaining student workbooks.
  • Your donation will subsidize training costs for new L.E.A.D. trainings, update trainings, and training conferences.
  • Your donation will provide donated toys and other items directly to L.E.A.D. agencies and communities.

If you do not have L.E.A.D. in your community, please call our office at (609) 259-2500.  We would be eager to contact your local police department to provide them further information.


“200 Muslims Women Who Care” donated a thousand to L.E.A.D. in Tampa, FL. We thank them for their support!
Kiara received a donation funding an ENTIRE school. After asking Kiara what it felt like to receive such a generous donation, she says: “It was an intensely fulfilling moment where I had the opportunity to work hand in hand with members in the community to steward a lasting impact.”



NordstromBirminghamMarch 13th – 19th
WingstopBirminghamMarch 13th – 19th
WingstopHooverMarch 13th – 19th
CVSNorth PortMarch 13th – 19th
Planet FitnessNorth PortMarch 13th – 19th
CVSPelhamMarch 13th – 19th
ChipotleTuscaloosaMarch 13th – 19th


Walmart Neighborhood MarketHot SpringsMarch 18th
Family DollarHot SpringsMarch 13th – 19th
Game X ChangeHot SpringsMarch 13th – 19th
Office DepotHot SpringsMarch 13th – 19th


PetcoArvadaMarch 13th – 19th
Planet FitnessBrightonMarch 13th – 19th
Walmart SupercenterBrightonMarch 13th – 19th
staplesBroomfieldMarch 13th – 19th
WalgreensBroomfieldMarch 13th – 19th
7 ElevenCommerce CityMarch 13th – 19th
WalgreensCommerce CityMarch 13th – 19th
UPSDenverMarch 13th – 19th
WalgreensDenverMarch 13th – 19th
Big RThorntonMarch 13th – 19th
PotbellyThorntonMarch 13th – 19th
QdobaThorntonMarch 13th – 19th
SafewayThorntonMarch 13th – 19th
WalgreensThorntonMarch 13th – 19th
WalgreensThorntonMarch 13th – 19th


ChipotleBradentonMarch 13th – 19th
ChipotleClearwaterMarch 13th – 19th
Tijuana FlatsLutzMarch 13th – 19th
7-ElevenOldsmarMarch 13th – 19th
GameStopPalm HarborMarch 13th – 19th
Hawkers Asian Street FoodSt. PetersburgMarch 13th – 19th
7-ElevenTampaMarch 13th – 19th
Healthy Family FestivalTampaMarch 18th
Moe’s Southwest GrillTampaMarch 13th – 19th
Planet FitnessTampaMarch 13th – 19th
SonicWesley ChapelMarch 13th – 19th
GameStopZephyrhillsMarch 13th – 19th


Ace HardwareBoiseMarch 13-18
Bikes and BeansBoiseMarch 13-18
Costa VidaBoiseMarch 13-18
Gem In & OutCaldwellMarch 13-18
Walmart SupercenterCaldwellMarch 13-18
Don’s Market Gas and GroceryEmmettMarch 13-18
Craft WarehouseMeridianMarch 13-18
CupbopMeridianMarch 13-18
Anytime FitnessNampaMarch 13-18
BlimpiesNampaMarch 13-18
StaplesNampaMarch 13-18
PetsenseOntarioMarch 13-18
True ValueOntarioMarch 13-18


WalgreensAmite CityMarch 13th – 18th
Hop InBaton RougeMarch 13th – 19th
La MadeleineBaton RougeMarch 18th
Office DepotBaton RougeMarch 13th – 19th
Acadiana MallLafayetteMarch 13th – 19th
Ace HardwareLafayetteMarch 13th – 19th
CVSLafayetteMarch 13th – 19th
Skechers OutletLafayetteMarch 13th – 19th
Guidry HardwareScottMarch 13th – 17th


WalmartKirkwoodMarch 13th – 19th
Dollar TreeLake St LouisMarch 13th – 19th
At HomeO’FallonMarch 13th – 19th
Smoothie KingSt PetersMarch 13th – 19th
Mod PizzaWentzvilleMarch 13th – 19th


David’s BridalCincinnatiMarch 13th – 19th
Macy’sCincinnatiMarch 16th – 18th
UPSCincinnatiMarch 13th – 19th
WalgreensLovelandMarch 13th – 19th
Walmart SupercenterMilfordMarch 13th – 16th
WalmartWest ChesterMarch 13th – 19th


Eddie’s RestaurantEdmondMarch 13th – 18th
Firehouse SubsEdmondMarch 13th – 18th
HomelandEdmondMarch 13th – 18th
JCPenneyMooreMarch 13th – 18th
Cash SaverMustangMarch 13th – 18th
HomelandNormanMar 13th – 17th
7-ElevenOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 18th
Barnes & NobleOklahoma CityMarch 18
City BitesOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 18th
Ground Floor Cafe & BakeryOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 18th
Kamps 1910 CafeOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 18th
Love’s Travel StopOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 18th
Lowe’sOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 16th
Walmart SupercenterOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 18th
Love’s Travel StopOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 18th
City BitesOklahoma CityMarch 13th – 18th
All About Chay Tea & CoffeeYukonMarch 13th – 18th
Love’s Country StoreYukonMarch 13th- 14th, 16th – 18th


ChipotleBaytownMarch 13th – 19th
CVSChannelviewMarch 13th – 19th
StarbucksCoppellMarch 13th – 19th
La FitnessCypressMarch 15th
UPS StoreFlower MoundMarch 13th – 19th
World MarketFlower MoundMarch 13th – 19th
Walmart SupercenterFort WorthMarch 13th – 19th
PetcoGrapevineMarch 13th – 19th
Ace HardwareHoustonMarch 13th – 19th
Big LotsHoustonMarch 13th – 19th
Brio Hand Car WashHoustonMarch 13th – 19th
Carisma WashHoustonMarch 13th – 19th
WalmartHoustonMarch 13th – 19th
FedExIrvingMarch 13th – 19th
JCPenneyLeague CityMarch 13th – 19th
ChipotleLeague CityMarch 13th – 19th
Hobby LobbyLeague CityMarch 13th – 19th
SalataLeague CityMarch 13th – 19th
Schlotzsky’sLeague CityMarch 13th – 19th
StarbucksPorterMarch 13th – 19th
Dollar TreeRoanokeMarch 13th – 19th
Fuzzy’sRoanokeMarch 13th – 19th
CVSRosenbergMarch 13th – 19th
OrangeTheory FitnessSouthlakeMarch 13th – 19th
BootBarnTomballMarch 13th – 19th


BJ’sMechanicsvilleMarch 13th – 18th
Crumbl Cookie/ChipotleMechanicsvilleMarch 13th – 18th
Dollar GeneralMechanicsvilleMarch 13th – 18th
Famous FootwearMechanicsvilleMarch 13th – 18th
Five Guys/Mod PizzaMechanicsvilleMarch 13th – 18th
GameStopMechanicsvilleMarch 13th – 18th
Harbor Freight ToolsMechanicsvilleMarch 13th – 18th
WalgreensMechanicsvilleMarch 17th – 19th
CVSMechanicsvilleMarch 13th – 18th
ExxonRichmondMarch 13th – 18th
FoodlionRichmondMarch 13th – 18th
Jersey Mike’sRichmondMarch 13th – 18th
KrogerRichmondMarch 13th – 18th
Mod Pizza/ChipotleRichmondMarch 13th – 18th
Rainbow/SubwayRichmondMarch 13th – 18th
Southern StatesRichmondMarch 13th – 18th
LowesRichmondMarch 13th – 18th