Holiday Giving Tradition Returns To Paramus Schools

‘Tis the season for giving for Paramus public school students, who are donating toys as part of a nationwide effort to spread the joy of the holidays to less fortunate families.

Students with the Paramus Law Enforcement Against Drugs (L.E.A.D.) program are participating in a holiday toy drive hosted by Paramus police, who will deliver some of the toys directly to local families on Christmas Eve, according to a news release.

“Contributing toward an additional amount of happiness that (the families) experience during the holiday season is an indescribable feeling,” said Paramus Detective Lt. and L.E.A.D. instructor Jimmy Teehan. “Simply thinking about a child’s reaction to receiving a gift is enough to feel fulfilled, and the fact that the students want to be a part of the event makes it so much more special.”

Paramus police will bring the toys to a collection site in Closter, where charitable organizations will pick them up to ensure they are delivered to families in need during the holidays.

This is all part of an annual toy drive that has continued for 27 years, and aims to further a L.E.A.D. mission to bring police forces and communities together.

“Seeing how we’re helping children impact other kids’ lives lets (parents) perceive the police in a positive light, which creates unity among the Paramus community,” Teehan said.

“(Students are) able to make decisions that impact themselves and others in a positive way, which is what L.E.A.D. is all about,” he added.

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