Ramsey cop named nonprofit’s NJ Instructor of the Year for anti-drug work with students

A Ramsey police officer received a statewide award for his work educating kids about the dangers of drugs and violence at a conference Tuesday. The award was presented by Law Enforcement Against Drugs, a nationwide nonprofit.

Sean Beamon, a Ramsey officer since 2013, was honored with the New Jersey Instructor of the Year Award for his work teaching fifth graders at John Y. Dater Elementary School and the Academy of St. Paul.

“We congratulate Officer Beamon on an excellent job preventing kids in Ramsey from becoming involved with violence and using harmful substances, such as drugs and alcohol,” L.E.A.D. CEO Nick DeMauro said in a statement. “His award is well deserved, and we’re confident that he’s helping us to accomplish our goal of bettering police-community relationships.”

L.E.A.D. offers services both inside and outside of the classroom, with curriculum focused on anti-drugs and anti-violence for K-12 students.

Beamon’s students were able to participate in out-of-classroom activities, like attending a New Jersey Devils or NBA game. The fifth graders at Dater Elementary will put on a talent show in May and will wrap up the year with a pool party at Ramsey Municipal Pool. Students call Beamon “Officer B.”

“I like the L.E.A.D. curriculum because it gives kids a foundation before we start introducing them to drug and alcohol prevention,” Beamon said. “There are character-building activities to teach them about responsible decision making and how to build healthy friendships. These lessons are building blocks that help them develop self-esteem and fortitude to avoid unhealthy habits when it comes to drugs and alcohol.”

Beamon received the award at a L.E.A.D. conference in Atlantic City.

Before becoming a police officer, Beamon served in the Coast Guard. Because of his military background, he has also taken students for visits to McGuire Air Force base, among other military installations.

For more information on L.E.A.D., please visit www.leadrugs.org

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