L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against Drugs & Violence) Signs  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) With the Florida Alliance of  Boys & Girls Clubs 

MOU Between L.E.A.D. and the Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs Will Allow Trained  Instructors to Teach L.E.A.D.’s Anti-Drug, Anti-Violence Curriculum to Members in Florida’s  Boys & Girls Clubs 

ALLENTOWN, NJ and TALLAHASSEE, FL – July 12, 2023 – L.E.A.D. (Law Enforcement Against  Drugs & Violence), a nationwide nonprofit that works with communities to help students  understand the dangers of drugs and violence, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding  (MOU) with the Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Club, whose mission is to secure statewide  funding and resources to positively impact members in Florida’s Boys & Girls Clubs regarding  academic achievement, life aspirations and juvenile crime reduction. 

The MOU will allow the L.E.A.D. program to be taught by trained instructors as part of the after school programs provided by Florida’s Boys & Girls Clubs, which will teach youth why avoiding  drugs and violence is vital as well as how to set attainable goals, manage their emotions and  make wise decisions. Specifically, starting in August 2023, the L.E.A.D. curriculum will be taught  as a pilot program to children in Lake, Seminole, Osceola, Orange and Collier Counties through  their respective Boys & Girls Clubs in Central Florida and Collier County. 

The Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs and its membership organizations provide a safe and  welcoming place for over 228,000 Florida youth to go after the school day ends. While at the  Club, members participate in academic enrichment and mentoring; college and career  readiness programs; social learning related to positive peer interactions and resilience training;  substance misuse education and programming; and exposure to other interests, such as  wellness, physical fitness, music, the arts and other cultural activities. 

“We’re thrilled to be involved in a statewide partnership with the Florida Alliance of Boys &  Girls Clubs,” said Nick DeMauro, CEO of L.E.A.D. “We value that the organization helps their  members to achieve goals such as being promoted to the next grade, graduating on time and  feeling ready to attend college, and we’re confident that our anti-drug, anti-violence curriculum  that promotes effective communication, conflict resolution and social and emotional  competency will take accomplishing those objectives to the next level.” 

“In Florida, we want as many children as possible to have the opportunity to be involved in our  evidence-based program. We’re hopeful that the MOU will also help us to expand into various  schools throughout the state,” added DeMauro. 

L.E.A.D. provides services “On The Street” and “In The Classroom” as it brings law enforcement  and communities closer together. The “In The Classroom” program is taught by 3800 trained  instructors in 41 states. L.E.A.D. has a proven effective, law enforcement-focused anti–drug, 

anti–violence curriculum for K-12 students in the U.S. The L.E.A.D. curriculum is taught over the  course of a 10-week program to educate youth on how they can make smart decisions without  the involvement of drugs or violence. 

“We share the excitement that Nick has regarding our newly formed partnership with L.E.A.D.,”  said Joe Davis, Executive Director at the Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs. “Our organization  is always looking to garner new partnerships that will give the members in Florida’s Boys & Girls  Clubs access to the most effective programs in terms of assisting them to become responsible,  

well-rounded individuals. We know that the L.E.A.D. program will be a great benefit in helping  the children involved in the Clubs to accomplish just that.” 

“We look forward to having instructors trained by L.E.A.D. to teach the program’s proven  effective curriculum to Florida’s Boys & Girls Clubs members, as well as seeing the positive  impact that the organization will have on them during their school careers and beyond,” added  Davis. 

About L.E.A.D. 

L.E.A.D. provides the leadership, resources and management to ensure law enforcement  agencies have the means to partner with educators, community leaders, and families. L.E.A.D.  succeeds by providing proven and effective programs to deter youth and adults from drug use,  drug related crimes, bullying and violence. L.E.A.D. is committed to reinforcing the mutual  respect, goodwill and relations between law enforcement and their communities. Learn more  at https://www.leadrugs.org/. 

About Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs 

The Florida Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs works to secure statewide funding and resources for  local Clubs to help them enable all young people, especially those who need the Clubs most, to  reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The Florida Alliance and the  state’s local Clubs envision a future in which Boys & Girls Clubs are a catalyst for the success  that is within reach of every child, and that whole generations of children are inspired to a  higher level of community engagement. Learn more at www.flabgc.org. 

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