Law Enforcement Against Drugs headquarters opens in Naples

On Tuesday, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office and the Law Enforcement Against Drugs staff celebrated the grand opening of its new Florida headquarters in Naples.

LEAD provides resources so law enforcement agencies can work with teachers, community leaders, and families on an anti-drug and anti-violence curriculum.

The LEAD program currently operates in 37 states.

They focus on providing leadership and resources so that law enforcement agencies can work with educators, community leaders and families on an anti-drug, anti-violence curriculum for K-12 students.

CCSO’s Sheriff Kevin Rambosk discovered the program in 2019 and this year became a member of the LEAD board of directors.

His agency’s youth relations bureau teaches the program Too Good for Drugs to students across Collier County.

“We were actually the first agency in Florida to join and support it completely. They are bringing a new version of how we get information to our kids about positive decision-making, how to refuse, refusal practice, role-playing,” Rambosk said.

The goal is to create safer and healthier communities free of drugs, bullying and violence.

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