Any chemical substance, natural or man-made that-by its chemical nature-alters biological structure or functioning when administered and absorbed.


Drugs = Psychoactive Substances

  • In the prevention community-drugs are referenced as psychoactive substances
  • A psychoactive substance is one that affects feelings, perceptions, though processes, and/or behavior
  • All psychoactive substances exert their effects by altering the functioning of the nervous system
  • All medications are psychoactive substances, but not all psychoactive substances are medications


Psychoactive Substances

  • Psychoactive substances alter:
    • Mood
    • Thoughts
    • Sensory perceptions
    • Behavior
  • Psychoactive substances include:
    • Legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco and certain prescription medications
    • Illegal substances such as hashish/cannabis, heroin, methamphetamine